The following sides are pre-assembled and can be ordered ala carte. Most items will be available in December while supplies last. For a complete list of our sides, please see the "Sides Menu" on our website or the Sides Menu when ordering.

Club Pot Roast

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! We have the perfect pot roast for your whole family. Tender, high quality beef is oven-roasted and falling apart as you slice it. Bakes up beautifully with our Roasted Baby Bakers and Parisian Carrots. This roast provides six 8-ounce servings, not including the potatoes and carrots. Order this while supplies last! Serves 6. $34.99

Homemade Club Mac & Cheese

This homemade Mac & Cheese is off-the-charts amazing! Macaroni noodles are smothered in a homemade smooth and creamy real cheese sauce and topped with an incredible crunchy Panko-Parmesan and garlic topping. Warning: it can be addictive! Great for an easy lunch or dinner and perfect for entertaining. Can be cooked from frozen. Serves 8-10. $28.99

Butternut Squash Ravioli with Sage Butter Sauce

This autumn favorite is back again by popular demand. This dish will make you feel like you are eating in a gourmet restaurant. Fresh garden squash is blended with the right touch of cheese and spices and then stuffed inside delicate pillows of pasta. Gently tossed in a light buttery sauce with the subtle flavor of sage and topped with fresh Parmesan, you will love this perfect autumn meal. Delicious! Seasonal so get them while you can. Serves 6. $30.99

Club Garlic Mashed Potatoes

We mash baked red potatoes with sautéed garlic and more to make luscious mashed potatoes that your family is sure to devour. Serves 6. $11.99

Roasted Potato Medley with Rosemary and Parmesan

A savory medley of sweet potatoes and colorful heirloom potato varieties in their rose, purple and golden hues. Tossed in a buttery sauce with fresh rosemary, roasted garlic, a hint of seasoning and finished with a sprinkle of Parmesan. Roasted to perfection in your oven, these are delicious with any meal! $12.99

Cheddar Potato Bake

Diced potatoes are mixed with a creamy sauce, cheddar cheese and more, then covered with a crunchy topping. We can’t keep these on the shelves! Serves 8. $16.99

Bacon Jam Brussel Sprouts

These Brussels Sprouts will elevate any dinner table. Roasted Brussels sprout halves are sautéed with smoky bacon, onion and a flavorful sauce with hints of apricot jam, brown sugar and fresh thyme. Sweet, savory and absolutely delicious. Even those skeptics of this veggie might be tempted to devour them. Available while supplies last. Serves 6. $12.99

Green Beans Almondine

Tender and delicious haricot vert (that's French for "skinny green beans") that sauté quickly in our homemade almond butter. A perfect vegetable side dish for any meal. Serves 6. $9.99

Baked Corn

A blend of whole corn, sour cream and cornbread that bake together to make a delicious cornbread casserole. Comfort food at it’s finest! Serves 8. $16.99

Spinach Artichoke Dip

This is a hit at any party! Chunks of artichokes, spinach, Romano cheese, sour cream, garlic and more. Homemade in our kitchen. Yum! Can be cooked from frozen. Serves 8+. $12.99

Praline Stuffed French Toast

This dish will win rave reviews from all who are lucky enough to get a taste. Chunks of fresh baguettes are smothered in an egg, cream cheese and cinnamon blend. It is topped with pecans and brown sugar, then drizzled with our creamy, homemade praline sauce. An absolutely scrumptious holiday tradition! Serves 8-10. $30.99

Country Breakfast Bake (Sausage or Veggie)

Your choice of fresh crumbled sage sausage or spinach and extra veggies is baked in a flavorful egg mixture with fresh diced peppers, onion, Swiss and Cheddar cheeses all on top of a hash brown crust. It is perfect for any breakfast or a special holiday brunch. Serves 8. $30.99

Rustic Triple Berry Tarts

These delicious tarts are a super easy dessert to prepare and serve. Made with blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and fresh apple slices, all cradled in a flaky, handmade crust. Comes with 4 - 4" tarts. $19.99